Facilitate the elimination of obstacles to your goals

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Quoted From: https://innerpathwayhypnosis.com/about-nlp/

"NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, has been described as a vehicle to easily eliminate the obstacles to your goals. It"s also a powerful tool to "unlock" secrets to how your brain works. For example, most of us aren"t aware that we recall memories and events either by storing them as pictures or videos (ie we learn visually), recalling the actual conversations we had (we learn via audio), or by touching things reminiscent of a past event (we learn kinesthetically).
Some of us learn using 2 systems simultaneously. In other words, we each have our own customized "map" of how we store knowledge and information about our world. Understanding another person"s "representational system" enables you to use language familiar to their subconscious, thus creating greater trust and respect.
Whether it"s speaking with your child, your partner or your next boss, your ability to build rapport with that person escalates enormously. Imagine how much more easily children could learn if their teachers spoke to them using the internal system they were most familiar with!"

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