Facing Life Challenges

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"Anxiety, worry, stress, or depression
Struggling with loss, grief, or bereavement
Challenges in taking care of an ill family member
Coping with ending relationships
Adjusting to personal role or relationship changes
Stuck in a rut and looking for new purpose
Moving into retirement
Dealing with an empty nest
Looking for next steps after graduation
Dealing with immigration and acculturation issues
Coping with parenting challenges
Life is continuously unfolding and throwing you curves. Sometimes it meanders, and other times it twists and turns unexpectedly. Occasionally it stagnates or gets stuck. While we have little control over external events, we retain choice on whether we grow up or down, bitter or better, in response to them.
Trauma is any experience in which one is exposed to a powerful amount of physical or emotional injury. Whether it is a capital "T" or a lower-case "t" trauma is highly dependent on the state the individual is in and how he or she perceives the experience at the time. The person may feel helpless and powerless to do anything about the situation. As a result, one may be unable to process the traumatic experience, release the negative energy, or talk about it to someone. This energy becomes lodged in one"s nervous system as the energy of trauma
Individual growth is possible throughout the lifecycle and in a range of situations. Growth can include new spiritual insights, greater appreciation of life and relationships, the development of new skills and knowledge, reordered priorities, recognition of inner strength and deeper awareness, and reformed behaviors or lifestyle. If you are struggling with life transitions, counseling can rebuild your resilience and help guide you onto a better course.


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