Feeling Centered Bodywork

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Feeling Centered Bodywork is a holistic solution to improving your physical and mental health that leaves you feeling centered. Serving Portland, OR.
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"I believe that the most effective way to shift your body toward greater health is to get to the root of your issues by listening to the story your body has to tell.

As we uncover what is held within your body, I can help you to find clarity about what is happening within.

Through this work you learn to understand and work with your body, so you can find a new path toward greater health and ease.Experiences, patterns, and wisdom are held within your body.

Your body contains its own unique story in your tissue and expressed through your physiology. This story is expressed in the way you stand, move, breathe, eat, and sleep.

When balanced and supported, these expressions can add vitality and strength to your life. When unbalanced or stuck, these expressions can cause discomfort or disease."

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