Feminist Therapies

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Quoted From: https://www.laumeicounseling.com/feminist-therapies

"Feminist therapy is informed by the essential belief that social marginalization based on gender and other identities has an integral, wounding, and at times unconscious influence over our life experiences and perspectives. Women, femme identifying, gender queer, and other marginalized minority populations live with the impact of significant cultural oppression, including socialized belief systems about how we should think, behave, and appear that often undermine our sense of independent self-worth and identity, as well as access to fundamental resources and opportunities.Feminist therapy is not just for women, and can be a powerful tool for any individual interested in using the lens of gender and sexuality to gain self-awareness and empowerment in taking ownership of their life. Using RCT we can gain insight into your core beliefs of self and identity as they are shaped by your integral relationships, and use our own therapeutic relationship to deepen your sense of worth and connection in the world."

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