Fertility Enhancement

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"Every Fertility Enhancement treatment plan will be customized to address your individualized needs. One theme that is common throughout the different scenarios depicted below is the need to begin holistic therapies before the desired conception, whether naturally or with assisted reproductive therapies. Eggs begin their maturation 90 days before they are chosen for ovulation so it is during that 3 months when your health greatly affects follicle development. Though we have certainly had people get pregnant in just a few treatments, it is advised that you have a consultation 2-3 months before an IVF or medicated cycle so that health, diet, lifestyle and exercise can be evaluated in advance so that the body may create a foundation for a healthier, more balanced state of fertility. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE. normal course of treatment will span 3-6 months and will focus on correcting any ovulatory imbalances or reproductive issues such as cysts, fibroids or endometriosis. Acupuncture & Abdominal Massage are generally used to assist with this process. It is preferable to treat both partners, as most fertility issues are not found in just the male or just the female within the couple. Male fertility issues such as low count, low motility or poor morphology can be treated through diet and lifestyle modifications as well as regular acupuncture to balance hormones and boost fertility."

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