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"So far, that life has just lived inside you. And maybe you"re at the point to live it for real. Or maybe something has happened that has shaken you and you"re not ready to give up on your version of a life worth living. Either way, I"m ready to help you take this journey. The support of a compassionate, engaged therapist can offer a fresh starting point from which to build a foundation for sustainable change, and a life that is as effective, meaningful and authentically yours as you can hope for.

I have a general therapy practice and I"ve worked successfully with individuals and couples of diverse ages, races, cultures and backgrounds who come with a vast range of concerns. Areas of specialization, though, are Mindfulness based therapy, Trauma recovery, and Borderline Personality Disorder. You can read more about these elsewhere on this site.

Taking the first step to begin therapy can be difficult but also empowering. Once you contact me, we will arrange the free initial consultation. These are done in office or online to see if I am a good match for you. If I am not a good fit, then there is no cost to you and I am happy to provide you with referrals that may better meet your needs. If we do decide to move forward, then we will schedule the next session, determine frequency of sessions and work out payment arrangements. By now, you have already learned ways to tolerate life"s painful challenges. Why not take the next step from merely surviving to thriving!"

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