First-Episode Psychosis

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"Each year approximately 100,000 young people in the US experience a first episode of psychosis (FEP). Long delays between the onset of psychosis and effective treatment (the duration of untreated psychosis, or DUP) are the norm. A 2015 study of more than 400 people in the US with early psychosis found that half were ill for nearly 18 months before beginning treatment for psychosis.1 This is almost six times the World Health Organization's quality standard of a maximum 12 weeks DUP.Research shows that integrated FEP care effectively reduces symptoms of psychosis and improves functioning.2 In the United States, this type of care is referred to as Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC). CSC programs are delivered by multidisciplinary teams offering rapid initiation of care and treatments demonstrated effective in promoting recovery in people with FEP. These treatments include personalized medication management, resilience-focused psychotherapy, family education and support, and educational and employment support.Psychiatric and primary medical care are closely coordinated to optimize the client's overall mental and physical health. Treatment planning occurs within a shared decision-making framework; clients select the services that best address their life goals and treatment preferences."

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