Food Desensitization

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"Baker Allergy Asthma and Dermatology is one of the few offices in the country to offer a new food allergy risk reduction therapy. This therapy can provide a long-term solution for patients with peanut, egg, milk, wheat, or other food related allergies.The treatment starts with minute doses of peanut, egg, milk, or other food protein, in solution. Then gradually, over a period of one to four months, increases are made until an amount greater than a usual bite is achieved. At this stage, the patient is in what can be referred to as a "refractory state". Maintenance of a refractory state is dependent on persistent exposure. The patient must remain on a regular dose of the food in question indefinitely. This program is designed for patients age 4 and older, old enough to understand the reasons for participating and be actively engaged in the process. This treatment is not curative. If regular exposure is not maintained, a return to a reactive state occurs in a percentage of patients."

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