Food Is Medicine.

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"All day, every day you make choices about what you put in your body: This food is healthy, that food is not. Drink more water, drink less coffee. One more brownie at the office party. Juice fast before the reunion.
There are all kinds of rules, systems and diets out there that make claims that if you follow them, all of your health issues will magically disappear. The problem with these diets is that
they tend to be incredibly restrictive and therefore hard to stick with, and
there is no diet that is right for Everyone.
Sugar, wheat, dairy, meat all have been called The Most Dangerous Food by different health professionals. You are looking for answers, for the magic bullet. So you follow the diets out there, along with their hard and fast, all or none, good or bad categories.
That is not my method.
Food is medicine.
Eating the right food can be the difference between life or death. It can be the difference between horrible digestive disorders and feeling good. It can be the difference between an active autoimmune disease and one in remission. Heart disease or health.
Food is medicine and eating the right or wrong food can make a dramatic difference in your health, but it isn"t as simple as a prescription. You can"t just spend your life dividing food into "eat" and "don"t eat." You can"t just follow the rules that worked for your sister or your friend or the person in the magazine. You need to eat the food that works for you.
This is where my Portland nutrition practice comes in.
Sure, in the beginning you may need "eat" and "avoid" columns. You may need to stop eating dairy or drinking beer. For a while. But what you eat is only one piece of the puzzle.
Food is not just about what you put in your body.
It is about what, when, why and how you eat.
It is about who is with you when you eat.
It is about custom and celebration and enjoyment as much as it is about health.
Food needs to make you healthy and happy.
When you work with me, you get to tell me your story. The story about your illness, your goals, your successes, your LIFE.
You already know a lot about what needs to be eaten to be healthy. And I"ll help add to that knowledge. But I"ll also help you figure out why you can"t stick to the healthy foods.
I"ll help you discover how to socialize and still eat in a way that feels good.
I"ll help you have your cake and eat it, too.
Eating is complex, and eating the foods that will help you heal while also being able to enjoy your life is the goal of every treatment plan that is created at Solstice Natural Health.
Your treatment plan will give you immediate ideas about how to eat to begin to resolve your illness or to reach your health goals including any of the following:
weight loss
fertility support
healthy pregnancy
thyroid conditions
autoimmune conditions
As your health evolves, so will your treatment plan.
The goal is to get you back to a place of health, happiness and well being.
That includes reducing your pain, improving your digestion, and helping you get good sleep, feel energetic, have a good sex drive, and manage your stress well."

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