Full fidelity DBT

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DBT teaches people strategies and skills to deal effectively with stress in order to better manage their life more effectively.
Quoted From: http://www.thedbtclinicportland.com/about-dbt/

"DBT is short for "Dialectical Behavior Therapy." This is a type of psychotherapy that increases peoples" ability to live life well. DBT was developed by Marsha Linnehan, PhD, from the University of Washington in Seattle. She wanted to develop a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a disorder that had proven to be notoriously difficult to treat. As it turns out, DBT is very effective, not only for BPD, but for a wide variety of problems, including depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and "multi-diagnostic, difficult-to-treat" patients. Research studies comparing DBT to standard cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or to psychodynamic therapy have shown DBT to be more effective. Clients get better faster and retain gains made. Further, follow-up measures of symptoms conducted at 6, 12 and 18 months post treatment show clients become even more effective/less symptomatic after discharge. Here"s why:

Simply put, DBT teaches people how to live well. It doesn"t matter the diagnosis, or even if there is no diagnosis. If one has a model of strategies and skills to deal effectively with the inevitable stress that is part and parcel to the human experience, one is better equipped to manage their life more effectively. One can learn to create "a life worth living"."

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