Giving Yourself Credit to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

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"How can you practice self-compassion right now?
Think of how you respond to a good friend or a child when they do a good job. You tell them they did a good job! You praise their efforts, hard work and the outcome. You compliment them and you mean it. When was the last time you gave yourself credit for doing a good job?

Moving through life on auto-pilot mode or not taking the time to stop and appreciate how far you"ve come has negative impacts on your mood. If this is how you operate for years and years, it"s likely to cause depression, anxiety or chronic stress that has lasting impacts on your physical and emotional health.

Part of practicing self-compassion is giving yourself credit in a kind and genuine way. This involves quieting the voice in your head that tells you that you could have done a better job or that so and so would have done it better than you. It involves amplifying your inner voice that tells you, "good job, I"m proud of you."

Let"s try it now. Think of something that you did well recently. Did you cook a nice breakfast? Stick with your journaling practice? Stay calm during your entire grocery store trip? Give yourself credit! Say something nice like, "get it girl" or "nice job on the journaling" or "I"m so glad you made coffee this morning, what a treat!" It may feel silly at first but if you practice giving yourself credit, you"ll feel better on a regular basis.

Being nicer to yourself by giving yourself credit helps reduce anxiety and improve your self-confidence.
If you"re having a hard time getting something done, think of all that you have done on it so far and praise your efforts. This is something that is unnatural for us to do but so important! If you"re a natural at giving other people praise and credit, then you can do it for yourself too. You deserve your praise just as much as anybody else does. Become your own biggest cheerleader and see how your life changes.

What is something you did a good job at recently? Give yourself credit and an internal high five! If you"re looking for more personalized help in this area, sign up for a free consultation to see about working together in therapy."

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