Goal Setting

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Quoted From: https://trailheadcounseling.net/goal-setting-and-intake

In the first few sessions of the career counseling process, we"ll work on setting goals for our work together. This involves defining what you expect from career counseling, discussing the help that you need and the changes you think you yourself will need to make in your life to reach those goals. After all, a career change often involves a great deal of introspection and personal growth.
We"ll also take some time to understand your financial situation and needs, and your timeline for change. For some folks seeking a longer term career change, we might plan to find a more suitable, less stressful job sooner rather than later, while working on a long term plan to change careers entirely.
Once we"re all in agreement on what your career counseling goals are, we"ll move into the Assessment phase of our work."

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