Grief and Loss Counseling

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""Mourning a major bereavement is a personal process with no set formula or absolute ending. It is not a finite process but a lifelong adjustment to a world without the deceased person." -Smith, S. C., & Pennells, S. M, 1995

The inevitable and sad truth that we all learn throughout life is that every living thing must one day die. While this is a recognized fact of life, it is not a necessary an accepted fact for many people. The truth is that we will likely face many losses within our lives, some small some significant. Yet where do we learn how to grieve, and when do we acquire the needed tools to face the grieving process in a healthy manner? Most people will not wake up one morning enthralled with the concept of grief and go searching for answers, however what does frequently occur is a cold and harsh forceful push caused by an unfortunate loss. What do we do next? What"s normal? How do we get through something that feels unbearable and unending?

We can not change what we do not know, so to start let"s try to understand a little more about grief:"

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