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"Autism is very misunderstood. In fact, it wasn"t until the 1960s that researchers and physicians began to truly recognize autism as a treatable condition.

Even today, our understanding of autism and our approach to treating it is changing rapidly. In today"s article, we"ll talk more about autism, its symptoms, common therapies, and research into hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a possible autism treatment.

What is autism?
Most people realize that cancer is not a single well-defined condition with a unified course of treatment. Different cancers develop in different parts of the body, with some requiring radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or other interventions.

But many people don"t realize that autism is quite similar. Decades of confusion over the definition of autism and poor representations of people with autism in mass media have resulted in plenty of misinformation.

Autism may be better described as autism spectrum disorder. Instead of being a single condition, autism may present with a wide variety of symptoms and can affect people in very different ways. In children, hallmarks of autism spectrum disorder include:

Difficulty developing speech
Delayed development of social skills
Lack of eye contact
Desire to be alone
Obsessive interests
Repetition of words or physical actions
Dislike of touch/contact

Thanks to increased awareness and better screening methods, autism is most often diagnosed in children. However, for decades autism was overlooked and many adults suffered for decades. Perhaps the most well-known case is Dr. Michael Burry (inspiration for the movie The Big Short), a physician himself who lived with undiagnosed autism until his child was diagnosed and he realized they shared the same symptoms.

If a doctor can overlook the condition, who"s to say how many other adults are living with undiagnosed autism?

Autism facts
About 1 in 50 children are affected by autism.
Over 75% of people diagnosed with autism are male. However, with improved testing methods and early detection the number of females diagnosed with autism is increasing.
Autism is most frequently diagnosed before the age of 3 but again, later diagnoses are on the rise.
Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the US.
Isaac Newton and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are a few of the historical figures believed by many to have been on the autism spectrum."

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