HCG Diet

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Our doctor supervised medical weight loss HCG Diet program is based on 60 years of research. We can help you shed unwanted weight quickly and safely. Call 503-347-4625
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"Our physician supervised, updated version of the HCG Diet protocol is based on nearly 70 years of clinical research and can help most people burn excess fat quickly and safely. Our unique version of the HCG Diet protocol is the result of 15 years of clinical experience in facilitating this program with our patients and conducting our own clinical trials. We have worked hard to evolve Dr. Simeons original protocol to make it easier for those living the modern, busy lifestyle. In some cases, weight gain is a symptom of a deeper issue in the body and we do our best with every patient to identify these potential factors.The key to success is a combination of our specific HCG diet plan, the daily injections of pharmaceutical grade, human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), along with a few easy diet & lifestyle changes. We are fully committed to helping all of our patients reach their goals. We provide strong support system and our patients can reach out with questions or concerns between office visits as needed. We are also constantly researching the latest studies on weight loss and provide our patients with an education on how fat burning and fat storage work in the body. We strive to help our patients lose weight, keep it off and live a life of optimal wellness."

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