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"If you seek
> Support with your emotional, mental or physical health
> To learn tools to connect to your intuition
> Receive guidance from spirit, animal or plant guides & learn how to access these messages yourself
> Cultivate a spiritual practice to connect with your wisdom
> Clear and revitalize your energy removing blocks and stagnancy
> Work with your mind, body, emotional and spirit all together
then a healing session is for you!
Healing sessions are a combination of energy work which may include any or all of the following: physical movement, energy healing, use of crystals, plant medicine, tuning forks and essential oils, channeled messages from your spirit guides, conversation and teaching from your astrological birth chart, and connecting your awareness to the different layers of your body such as your thoughts, emotions and physicality. These sessions allow all the layers of yourself to harmonize and work together to give you insight that leaves your feeling more in tune with your inner knowing, lighter energetically and more in the flow with life! These sessions include a foot bath and work on a yoga mat or massage table."

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