Health Care Is A Human Right

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The concept was born in Winter 2014 when an herbalist, a food justice activist and a naturopathic doctor joined in conversation. Our first clinic was held April 2015. The People's Health Clinic PDX has grown into a non-profit (501c3) movement dedicated to providing free health services to those who are...
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"We believe health care is a human right, educational health care is empowering and that healing happens socially. We believe in the power of plants and connecting people with them.

We are driven to provide access to holistic alternative care and break down the power dynamics inherent in many provider-patient relationships.

We strive to support the health of houseless folks, activists, people of color, people of low socioeconomic status, Trans folks, queer folk and anyone who experiences systemic barriers to health access. We work to support access to intact communities.

People helping other people become healthy regardless of status, race, gender or sexual orientation."

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