Heart Fire Healing

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Learn more about Lyn Delmastro-Thomson and her journey through misdiagnosis and chronic illness to creating a practice to empower others to heal.
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"When I began studying BodyTalk back in 2012, I soon became very intrigued by Chinese Five Elements theory, which is part of the BodyTalk system. While initially I had named my business Body in Balance, several years after bringing BodyTalk into my practice, my work began to shift and I felt drawn to give my business a new name.

One day when I saw studying the Fire Element, which is connected to the organ of the heart, the name Heart Fire Healing sprung to mind.

The Fire Element and the heart are connected to the emotion of joy and to the energy of maximum expansion (represented by the season of summer). The Fire Element also represents the consciousness of self-awareness and knowing who we really are, as well as representing a deep synthesis of knowing of life.

All of these concepts truly resonated with the work that I was beginning to do with clients to heal chronic illness and I was inspired to change the name of my business to Heart Fire Healing."

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