Heart to Heart Healing

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Liza A. Burney J.D. Liza Burney, founder of Heart to Heart Healing, LLC, is a certified Pranic Healing Instructor and experienced Energy Healer with a unique and broad range of expertise which she uses to empower professionals to move through and around obstacles and toward their goal. Background Originally a practicing trial attorney for almost... Read More
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"Heart to Heart Healing offers a clinical practice for the client to receive personalized energy healing sessions, as well as classes and coursework for the client to learn how to do this powerful work themselves. Liza finds this "two-prong" approach ideal for facilitating the transition away from old patterns toward the clarity and expansiveness of the new, more desirable pattern.

Areas of Expertise include:

1) Physical and emotional energy healing for people and animals;
2) Relationship and family energy healing;
3) Energy feng shui for home, office and garden."

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