Herbal Pelvic Steaming

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Quoted From: https://www.wildearthacupuncture.com/vaginal-pelvic-yoni-herbal-steaming

"Vaginal Steaming has been done for centuries around the world. The herbal vapors carry the beneficial properties of the herbs into the womb and very absorbent tissues of the female reproductive system.
Nourish and tone vaginal and uterine tissue
Promote circulation /healing
Can help promote detox
May help boost fertility
Regulate and improve menstruation
Decrease menstrual cramping, clotting, and PMS
Decrease postpartum swelling and increase healing times
Help with symptoms associated with PCOS, fibroids, cysts
Help assist dealing with past trauma
Everyones" goals are different when entering into a session, that is why herbal blends are individualized for each patient, and each session. There is time to check in about goals for health and mental emotional balance.
Individualized Herbal Steam Blend
Health Intake and Goal setting
Pelvic Herbal Steam
Handmade Journal
Ear Seed Acupressure
Other activities may include Mindfulness Exercises, Journaling, Rituals, Crystals, Essential Oils, Meditations and other Self-care practices."

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