Hey teens, you matter.

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"Hey teenagers! I'm speaking to you. Remember that time your older siblings, parents, friends, or even the media led you to believe that your teenage years were going to be a time of adventure and wonder as you grow up and move toward adulthood? There would be events, parties, celebrations, trips, and many more gatherings. It was going to be sweet. Even if your expectations of your teenage years did not live up to FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, there were certainly other parts that you were probably looking forward to..

But wait a minute! In the midst of your expectations a huge wrench showed up. No one prepared you for COVID-19. No one prepared you to change your course. So before we continue, I want to invite you to take a moment to ask yourself a few questions:

How's it all going?

During a time when you're unable to go anywhere how are you navigating school, friends, family?

How does it feel that you"re asked to put aside some of your expectations, promises, and hopes?

What emotions and thoughts show up when you think about this sudden change.

Is There Room for Silver Linings During the Pandemic?
Are you thriving right now? If so, that's amazing! Your adaptability during times of uncertainty and unexpected change is such a strength. I don"t know you personally but your ability to take on this challenge will really be a strength in your life. And you"re not alone. There are many teens MAKING MEANING OUT OF THE PANDEMIC. Your creativity and drive is something to be proud of and it inspires many."

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