Holistic Dentistry Treats the Whole Body, Naturally

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A Holistic Dentist in Portland will look for the root cause of what's causing your symptoms. We work with you to eliminate the cause, which in turn eliminates future symptoms.
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"The oral cavity is the gateway to your body. It"s where everything enters and leaves, but it also has a lot of risks. When you have bad teeth or compromised anti-microbial defenses due to tonsils being removed for some reason, there are more entry points into what should be an impenetrable fortress namely your mouth!

Oral cavities are one of the most important places for pathogenic microorganisms, which is why it"s so crucial to maintain healthy teeth and gums. If these microbes grow unchecked under the gum line (periodontal disease), within a tooth itself (abscesses) or in an opening on your jaw bone called NICOs, then they produce continual sources of infection carried by blood and lymph throughout the body. So far researchers have found that oral cavity-born microbes can be risk factors for heart diseases such as atherosclerosis

Cut the Toxins from Your Life
Did you know dental materials such as fluoride, amalgam fillings, and nickel used in crowns can introduce both toxicity and electric current into the body? These currents and toxins affect health depending on factors like what is happening inside of your body at that time. This can lead to compromised health or chronic degenerative diseases where you have no energy for anything else but sleep all day long!

The use of various chemicals in dental work can lead to chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases. Unaware consumers may not even know if the different metals used are safe for their bodies or will cause complications down the road.

Patients should consider getting Material Compatibility Testing before any procedures so they have a better idea about what might be best for them. Division Street Dental does not use such materials as amalgams, fluoride, etc, since it is important that patients feel comfortable with who"s working on their mouth!

Dr. Noor Khaki"s holistic dental care will help you work closely with your MD, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and other medical advisors to provide the most optimal treatment for all of your different needs in one place.

Safe Dental Practices & Non-Toxic Treatments
Traditional dentistry often entails the use of fillings that contain mercury (which is toxic, according to the World Health Organization) or chemical bleaching agents for whitening teeth. Scary, right?

At Division Street Dental, we use only safe, natural, BPA- free, organic materials that are biocompatible, which means they won"t cause any kind of allergic or adverse reaction to your body. To determine whether a material is biocompatible with you, we use a variety of techniques including reviewing your in-depth medical history, blood tests, stress assessments, and even applied kinesiology.

We use dental techniques that allow for preserving your natural teeth wherever possible, drilling only when absolutely necessary and then using a natural material like resin or ceramic as a filling. In fact, many of our patients come to us specifically in order to have their mercury-containing dental amalgam fillings removed and replaced with natural ones.

Additionally, we steer clear of root canals and fluoride as they can cause long-term negative impacts on your health. Root canals can allow for harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, causing infection and then necessitating an even more invasive and painful procedure."

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