Hope After Heartbreak

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Quoted From: https://awakenings.org/articles/hope-after-heartbreak/

"Losing love is one of the most painful experiences we can have.When our heart has been broken, its hard to trust again. Its hard to be vulnerable. Its hard to believe in love. We expect to be hurt and consciously or unconsciously alter our behavior to prevent it from happening again.When we date, fear can take over at a moments notice, hijacking our personality, our clarity and our ability to have fun. This can negatively impact our date, undermine our confidence and cast doubt on our potential for love.Is there hope after heartbreak? Absolutely! By clearing the trauma of heartbreak, we can clear the way for love.Fortunately, the trauma of heartbreak can be cleared through one or more sessions of Trauma Release a gentle, compassionate process that takes about an hour. After trauma is cleared, many people experience a palpable sense of relief, less fear and reactivity, more hope and possibility, and a greater ability to progress toward love."

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