Hormone Therapy vs. Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

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Take a look into what hormone and targeted therapies do for breast cancer treatment, who can benefit from them, and side effects patients might expect.
Quoted From: https://www.compassoncology.com/blog/hormone-therapy-vs.-targeted-therapy-for-breast-cancer-treatment

"The landscape of breast cancer treatment has been rapidly changing. Advances in diagnosis and treatment provide very effective options for breast cancer and dramatically improve survival rates when breast cancer is diagnosed and treated early. One of the biggest changes are treatments that can target specific receptors or proteins on breast cancer cells to further help patients in their fight against breast cancer. Breast cancer tumors are tested for molecular and genetic changes as well as the presence of hormone receptors and HER2 receptors.Identifying which receptors are present makes it possible for the oncologist to develop the best treatment plan available today to destroy the cancer cells while protecting your healthy cells from as much damage as possible. Some of these treatments are in a category called hormone therapy, while other drugs are considered targeted therapies. Not every type of breast cancer can be treated with hormone therapy and/or targeted therapy, depending on the molecular findings. Let"s take a look at what hormone and targeted therapies do, who can use them, and the types of side effects breast cancer patients might expect from each type of treatment."

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