How can therapy help kids and teens?

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"Therapy can help kids and teens with many of the mental health difficulties and behavioral problems that get in the way of them living healthy, happy lives. Therapy involves having a psychologist or other mental health professional conduct an assessment and build a tailored plan to help the child learn the skills and habits needed to help them to be more successful in school, at home, and in the community.
Not all mental health care for kids is equally effective. Therapy that is compassionate, evidence-based, and personalized can make all the difference. At Portland Psychotherapy, we focus on providing caring and knowledgeable therapists who use evidence-based techniques that have been studied and shown to work for kids and teens.
Below are some of the common problems addressed in therapy for kids or teens:
Anxiety or depression
Behavioral issues
Abuse or neglect (sexual, emotional, physical, mental)
Parent"s divorce or break up
Conflict inside the family
Deaths or losses
LGBTQIA concerns
Problems related to developmental delays or autism
Bullying and Friendship concerns
Academic problems
Attention and executive functioning
Traumatic events
Problems with food or eating
Moves or transitions
If your child is facing any of these problems, it"s likely a therapist can help."

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