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"Prolotherapy delivers a direct injection of dextrose to an injured area.
The solution causes a purposeful, mild inflammation response near damaged tissue that helps new fibers to grow.
Over a period of 3-6 weeks, specialized cells are mobilized to the area of injections and work to rebuild, tighten, and strengthen the tendons and ligaments that were previously injured.
Benefits of Prolotherapy:
Quick recovery time with minimal disruptions to daily activities.
Increased circulation and immune response to the injured area.
Decreased healing time, especially for acute injuries.
Strengthening of tendons and ligaments that support joints, preventing future injuries.
Greatly decreases the chance for invasive procedures, like surgery.
The injections contain a natural substance that works with your body to heal naturally. It will not suppress your body"s natural healing response as a steroid injection will.
Who Can Benefit from Prolotherapy Injections?
Acute joint injuries (including Shoulder strain, ankle sprain, wrist sprain, etc)
Chronic joint pain
Torn meniscus
Sacroiliac joint pain (acute or chronic)
Degenerative joint disease
Rotator cuff injuries/tears
Labral tears (shoulder/hip)
Sprained ankles
Tennis/Golfers elbow
Unstable joints
Ligamentous laxity"

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