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"The HypnoSahamanism process combines practices from Core Shamanism and modern hypnotherapy to reprogram deep subconscious beliefs that hold people back from meeting their full potential. Utilizing the power of the subconscious mind and engaging help from Spirit, I find and interrupt the negative patterns caused by past trauma. This allows my clients to reclaim parts of themselves that have been lost or stifled, heal those parts, and integrate them into your newly empowered self. My clients move forward with a new story of who they are and what they"re capable of.
The process includes a guided soul retrieval and deep inner child healing along with an integration process that gives the wounded child part time to heal and feel loved, before any integration begins. The client has space to build self-love and connection with their inner child through actionable steps. Expect homework!
After the soul retrieval and integration, it"s time to get to work releasing and forgiving those who played a part in the wounding. No one can fully move forward while still holding on to past anger, fear, and resentment. Integral to this journey is powerful releasing of the energy of others and forgiveness of the self.
Next, you"ll talk to that part of you that"s been holding you back. We"ll connect with the "Saboteur" in you, and give it another job.
Finally, you"ll experience a felt sense the new you. We instill that vision with energy and blessings from the Universe, ensuring your trajectory toward that future where your vision exists as fact!
This process works well for removing beliefs that come from traumatic events. When limiting beliefs are transformed, a person is free to create a full, abundant life."

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