Hypnosis for Phobias

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Quoted From: https://innerpathwayhypnosis.com/flying-phobia/

"When someone develops a phobic response they become extremely focused on specific aspects of the phobia. For example, with flying phobia you might focus on unexpected turbulence, the sound of the engines, feeling secure while in flight, and the diligence of the pilot.
Often a very stressful experience on a previous flight sets the stage for flying phobia, causing a person to repeatedly recall the event.
Hypnotherapy will allow you to experience new positive emotions about your flying experience, so you can travel without worry.
Both hypnosis and NLP help you reframe the event, allowing you to view it from a calmer perspective, while developing confidence in its positive outcome. If you have had a traumatic flight experience, a special technique is used to neutralize your fear response. Hypnotherapy is especially effective at helping you-create a positive flight experience, so you can see envision yourself as being very comfortable."

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