Hypnosis for Stress and Panic Attacks

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Hypnosis for Stress helps you relieve anxiety. Katie Ramseur of Inner Pathway Hypnosis can help you relax & feel better. Call (503) 349-4619 today.
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"Stress is what happens when you have to handle more than what you"re normally used to. Your body, sensing an imminent threat, goes into a "fight or flight" response mode, creating additional hormones that speed up your heart, and cause you to breathe faster.Over time, stress can weaken your immune system, cause headaches, depression, and panic attacks that make you vulnerable to more serious illnesses. Some experience trauma related to abuse, while others experience extreme fear of specific situations such as seeing a spider, being enclosed in tight spaces or flying on planes. Your relationships may also suffer, as well as your performance at work or at school.Why hypnosis for stress?
Well, with hypnosis for stress, your brain becomes more relaxed. This, in turn, relaxes your nervous system and frees up more mental space. Often as a result of hypnotherapy, clients experience intuitive insights enabling you to feel more comfortable and calm in the situations we address, decreasing or eliminating your anxiety."

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