Identity Or Self-Esteem Issues

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Counseling is a very individual process without guaranteed outcomes. There are also risks involved. Sometimes it can take a while before there is clear progress and some symptoms might get worse before they get better.Confidentiality & Exceptions to Confidentiality

Counseling is confidential, which means that what clients discuss with me is private and protected by Oregon State law. Except under the circumstances listed below, I will not share any information unless given written permission to do so. There are some circumstances in which a counselor must share information. These circumstances are defined by Oregon State law and include the following:

If I learn of a specific intent to harm yourself or another person, or to commit an act of violence, it is my responsibility as a counselor to protect you and others. I will inform a family member, an intended victim, or law enforcement as appropriate.

If I learn that harm or abuse has been done to a child (age 17 and younger), an elderly person, a disabled person, or a mentally ill person, I will make a mandatory report to the appropriate authorities.

If I am subpoenaed or court ordered to testify in court or to submit records, I may have to give information without permission."

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