Identity Issues

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Only you know why you are looking for a counselor. There is no crystal ball in the office. Your story and your reasons are your own. You are an individual and you (and your reasons) will be treated with respect and kindness. Everyone wishes for more time for the important things, such as attending to...
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"Maybe you have been feeling a mild melancholy. Or, perhaps you are high functioning and mostly happy, but you have a hard time with long term relationships. Maybe you spend too much time worrying about your children, or spend more money than you intend to, or get bogged down by feelings of guilt, shame or low self confidence. Maybe you really want to advance at work but you can"t get organized enough to get ahead.
Whether you are significantly struggling due to anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, grief, etc, or you just want make some adjustments to find more satisfaction, a therapist can help. We are trained to be able to identify, understand, and help resolve many types of mental health problems. We can also help you better understand who you are, what you want, why you are the way you are, how you can achieve what you want, and what you can do to feel more satisfied.
Your therapist"s approach and specialty will vary depending on who you work with. What a therapist offers includes insight, direction, expertise, unbiased and nonjudgmental acceptance, compassion/empathy, confidentiality, and an amazing opportunity to make your life better. You are welcome to lie on our sofa, but it isn"t required. Yes, it is possible that you will talk about your mother. You will likely be challenged, you might be asked to do homework outside of session, and yes, you are right where you should be when you come in for therapy. Welcome"

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