Infidelity Recovery

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"Has your partner betrayed your trust? Boundary violations can take many forms, such as emotional affairs or sexual infidelity, and can happen either online or in-person. It feels the same regardless of how it occurred: devastating, infuriating, terrifying, and hopeless. You"re both hurting, and neither of you know what to do. You might feel torn between burning the whole relationship to the ground or doubling down to make it work.You don"t want to walk away from your relationship, but you"re not willing to stay in something broken with a partner you no longer trust. We know one thing for sure: now is not the time to make any big decisions. Your world has been turned upside down. You need support from a professional who can help you and your partner slow down, stop the bleeding, and decide where to go next.We will create a safe container for you to feel big emotions from flashes of rage, to waves of devastating sadness while maintaining structure and guiding you towards healing, reconnection, or amicable separation. We will not judge or villainize either of you. We will not impose our personal biases onto you. We will create a neutral space to help you deescalate the current crisis and process the trauma that is unfolding.s your situation calms, we will explore your relationship history, identify what made your relationship vulnerable to this betrayal, and decide how you"d like to move forward. Whether you choose to part ways or commit to rebuilding trust and connection, we will guide you through the process with patience, understanding, and professionalism."

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