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"In our work together I will tend to a climate of love and safety where your wholeness can feel welcome. This will free us to gently explore unconscious material using somatic, experiential, and mindful techniques (see more details below) that transform and heal.

I want the growth that occurs in the therapy room to easily translate into your everyday life. As the change process begins, I create experiments and offer homework for you to build upon this new capacity. My greatest wish is for you to integrate your potential so you can live, and share, a life of Love, Freedom, and Authenticity.

A final note I believe that inner change can support and grow the world we wish to belong to; that the micro can feed the macro. I hold an equity and social justice frame in all of my work. I do my best to connect our intra-psychic and interpersonal wounding to the greater system(s) we exist within, to normalize our responses to what we have been given and create possibilities for change."

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