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At Terrain Wellness we prefer to use natural treatments such as natural herbs and supplements as well as classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. While Dr Danielle Smith Anderson does have full prescriptive rights, she prefers these safe, natural treatments when applicable.
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"Our goal as Naturopathic Doctors serving Portland, OR is to create a community where people no longer need medications to support their daily activities. While Dr Dani does have full prescriptive rights, she"s more inclined to work with you to reduce and slowly eliminate the need for medications by addressing the underlying causes of disease in the body. At Terrain Wellness, we understand that healthy foods, lifestyle and emotional state form the major pillars of wellness in the body when they are properly balanced. We help restore that balance using gentle, natural techniques such as acupuncture, herbal remedies and neuro-emotional techniques among many others. We can and will prescribe medications when the need truly arises, but we do this sparingly and would generally write a new prescription with a reduced dosage with the goal of safely weening the body off of potentially harmful medications.Terrain Wellness in Portland, OR is an integrative cooperative medical community whose focus is on treating the cause of illness to restore natural balance in the body. Our community is focused on creating an environment dedicated to nourishing the mind, body and spirit. We believe when balance is restored at all levels, the natural landscape of your body or your Terrain can function at the highest level possible for each individual. Come visit our Portland, OR Integrative Medical Clinic to learn your own terrain."

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