Intuitive Readings and Energy Works

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"Everybody has their own personality, history, energy, feelings and unique spirit. In addition to that everybody also holds in their energy field identities they have held in other lifetimes (for example the priest, the princess etc.) At times these identities show themselves to me and they may be relevant to a present situation the client is in. They may also explain certain talents, gifts, preferences, strong relationship bonds, hostilities, fears or attraction to a particular person or place and culture including food preferences.Cultural connections stemming from past lives are ties to particular times and places in the evolution of the earth as Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Persia, native traditions etc. and can still be noticed in the energy field.Traumatic situations or power dynamics in relationships with others in other lifetimes may show up in a session to be integrated, completed, understood or neutralized, so that they no longer cause fear, panic or phobias in this lifetime. These can be experiences that led to abandonment, betrayal, imprisonment, torture and death or very beautiful, powerful and peaceful experiences and great love for another person."

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