Is Child & Family Therapy Right for You?

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Do you struggle to best support your kids when they face challenges? Family & Child therapy at Family Ties Counseling Center in Portland can help you.
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"Family Therapy can help:
Parents who feel distant from or in conflict with their child/teen more often than not.
Blended families who would like more peace in their homes.
Parents amidst separation/divorce who witness grief, anger, or withdrawing from their children.
Families who have adopted children and struggle with complex feelings of betrayal, frustration, sadness and grief.
Families raising children or teens with sensory integration challenges, autism, physical disabilities or developmental delays.
Families with children or teens struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, tantrums and other challenges.
Families/couples where one or more member has experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
Adolescents who struggle with depression and/or anxiety.
If any of these situations are familiar to you, we can help you.
fun, loving family
Child & family therapy can give your family:
increased sense of inter-connectedness and harmony between your family members
support through a difficult transition you"re facing
the ability to talk about uncomfortable things
freedom from blaming one person in your family
greater sense of emotional safety for all members of your family
education & empowerment to you, the parents
learning how to rely upon each other emotionally for support & nourishment
greater access to joy, lightness, and more play
appreciation for the uniqueness of your family
celebrating strengths & resources"

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