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Fentanyl is mixed into many narcotics on the street, and leads to accidental overdose. Fentanyl test strips help detect fentanyl and can save lives.
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"Fentanyl test strips are an affordable way to decrease overdose deaths caused by fentanyl. Since 2014, no drug has caused more overdose deaths than fentanyl a synthetic opioid 50x more powerful than heroin. As a prescription, fentanyl is used for post-surgery relief or cancer patients with chronic pain. On the black market, fentanyl is routinely mixed into other drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, MDMA, and pain pills. Fentanyl is also pressed into shapes that resemble other pain pills. As a result, many people overdose on fentanyl without realizing they are using it. In 2021, a record breaking 100,000 people died from drug overdoses. More than 60% of those involved fentanyl. To combat this problem, several companies began making fentanyl test strips. These strips allow someone to test pill or any substance for fentanyl. They are also very affordable since they cost only $1 to make. One local Portland bar has begun giving away these test strips for free. According to Josh Davis, the bar"s owner, in 3 days he"s already had 160 customers take one of these free test strips. When questioned about the possible controversy around giving these away, Davis responded that he"s not condoning drug use, "it"s harm reduction, that"s it.""

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