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Is meth physically addictive? If you have a problem with meth addiction, it's time to seek help. Call Crestview at 866.580.4160.
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"Is meth physically addictive? When it comes to the most habit-forming substances, methamphetamine is near the top of the list. The highly addictive narcotic results in many devastating effects on physical and emotional health, even after just short-term use. The majority of people who develop a meth dependence will require high-quality addiction treatment programs to overcome this chronic and debilitating disease.

Hands down, the answer to the question, "Is meth physically addictive?" is "yes." Methamphetamine interacts with and alters brain chemistry. Regardless of how users administer the drug, it inevitably finds its way into their bloodstream. The stimulant acts upon the body"s central nervous system and increases dopamine levels. The body and brain become hooked as the drug activates these "feel good" sensors, which ultimately leads to users becoming dependent upon the drug to function accordingly.

Meth dependency develops easily and rapidly. Quitting consumption, however, is a much more difficult task. Abruptly stopping will cause adverse effects as the body attempts to self-correct itself. When this happens, severe withdrawal symptoms begin to manifest.

Common meth withdrawal symptoms include:

An intense, often uncontrollable urge to seek out and use the substance
Shaking and tremors
Fevers, chills, and excessive sweating
Nausea and vomiting
Heart palpitations
Respiratory damage and/or failure
Some of these withdrawal symptoms can be severe enough and to inspire relapse. For those wondering, "Is meth physically addictive?", many people who struggle with meth addiction will relapse many times before embracing sobriety. Unfortunately, some people will suffer irreversible consequences possibly even deathbefore seeking effective substance abuse treatment. For those suffering from meth addiction, it"s time to consider seeking professional treatment from a reputable and compassionate drug addiction center.

At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, our team of experienced physicians and therapists are ready and eager to help you or someone you love overcome addiction and prepare for a life of long-lasting sobriety. We treat various substance addictions, including meth, with flexible programs to accommodate a wide range of individuals and their needs."

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