Is Sex Therapy For You?

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"Is sex therapy for you?

It is! If Oprah was giving away sex therapy, she"d be giving it to you, and YOU, and YOU!

But, seriously. It is for you. I can say this with confidence because if you are a sexual being, chances are you have likely experienced any one of the following:

Low confidence

Difficulty responding to sexual stimulation

Feeling sexual shame related to your culture or faith

Ejaculating too soon, or not being able to ejaculate

Lack of interest in sex

Anxiety before, during, or after being sexual

Difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection

Feeling worried or perhaps upset by sexual fantasies

Changing sexuality with parenting, aging, illness

Feeling out of control of your sexual behaviors

Wondering how does one keep the sexy alive in long term relationships?!

Pain before, during, or after being sexual

Trouble communicating what is interesting to you from a sexual standpoint

. . . and I could keep going.

Sex therapy helps you get a deeper understanding of the challenges you are experiencing in the sexual relationship you have with YOURSELF or with your PARTNER.

Which means you can come to therapy on your own or with your partner! There are benefits to both, and your therapist can help you determine what makes the most sense.

In case you are wondering, sex therapy is just like talk therapy in that there is no touching, everyone keeps their clothes on, and there are no exams or anything that resembles an exam room.

Sex therapists know you are probably a little nervous to come in and work pretty hard to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Think comfortable couches, soft blankets, tea, and pretty plants and art.

The reality is, you likely weren"t taught the skills to have conversations about sex with your partner, and for many, it is difficult to talk about their sexual relationships with friends.

Did you hear all about the great sex so-and-so had last night, but find yourself struggling to relate? Who can you talk to?

(a sex therapist)"