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"Chiropractic for jaw pain?

Whether your jaw pain comes from grinding, clenching, or an injury, chiropractic is a great way to treat jaw pain. You don"t have to suffer.

At Asha, our chiropractors have years of success freeing our patients from pain. We use a gentle protocol to restore proper movement of your jaw and an individualized assessment to identify and remove the physical issues that lead to the pain so you can stop the cycle.

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Jaw pain: Can chiropractic help?

(Spoiler alert YES! And you deserve to be out of pain!)

You wake up in the morning and grab your throbbing head. Have you been clenching all night again? You darn near have a bruise from self massaging that area below your cheek bones. It never seems to loosen up. You have a low level pain that plagues you all day long. You might have TMD.

"Ugh, it hurts! Why is this happening?"

The tissues around your jaw joint have been strained and that hurts. Whether it was from an acute injury of your TMJ or a more chronic issue like clenching or grinding, you are now faced with a physical problem that needs a physical solution."

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