Joint Conditions That Can Be Helped With MLS Therapy

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Are you struggling with acute or chronic joint pain? It could be time to try MLS(R) Laser Therapy. This cutting-edge treatment offers safe and effective results,
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"As pain management specialists, we know firsthand that pain can derail your life, especially if it involves your joints or back. But we also have good news for you: There are solutions.

At Advanced Pain Management Center in Portland, Oregon, Vladimir Fiks, MD, knows firsthand that effectively treating pain involves reaching it at the source. That"s why he turns to the most innovative approaches available such as MLS Laser Therapy when treating acute and chronic pain.

If you have joint pain, here"s how MLS therapy could help.

Introducing MLS therapy
There are several ways to treat painful joint conditions, from medications and minimally invasive therapies such as spinal injections or regenerative therapy to joint replacement surgery. But MLS therapy takes a different approach by harnessing concentrated light energy.

MLS stands for "Multiwave Locked System." This patented, FDA-cleared technology delivers two therapeutic wavelengths that, when combined, provide antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic results. Simply put, it uses high levels of continuous and pulsed energy to activate and accelerate your body"s natural healing process.

The result? Pain relief and restored quality of life.

Getting results with MLS therapy
During your appointment, the technician moves the MLS laser beam over the treatment site. The energy painlessly passes through the surface of your skin, penetrating deep inside the tissue where it interacts with molecules called chromophores.

Exposing chromophores to the MLS energy causes several biological responses, such as reducing inflammation and improving:

Blood flow to the area
Immune system response
Lymphatic drainage
Tissue repair and remodeling
Together, these responses activate, accelerate, and support the healing process. This causes healthy new cells to return to the area while reducing inflammation at the same time. Plus, the entire process only takes 10-15 minutes. It"s also completely painless, comes with no negative side effects, and has an 85-90% efficacy rate for relieving pain and inflammation.

For the best results, you usually need a series of MLS treatments or ongoing therapy to manage chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis. However, you can expect to see improvement within a few sessions.

Conditions that respond to MLS therapy
Dr. Fiks recommends MLS therapy for numerous conditions, especially those involving the joints, such as:

Degenerative joint disease
Spine pain

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