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"There has been a lot of incredible research over the past 5-10 years made to improve our understanding of persistent pain - both in how pain works in our bodies and how we can make changes to improve our pain.

The research demonstrates that the more we understand how our body processes pain, the better we can feel. Thus we can replace the old adage of "No Pain. No Gain." with a much more useful one that won"t get you hurt: "Know Pain. Know Gain" (Adriaan Louw).

Below are two different ways to approach the idea of how our bodies process pain. Please know that there are many pieces to the puzzle as to why we experience pain, but that these can be important pieces to the puzzle on our path to better health and wellness.

At Whole Body Health Physical Therapy, our focus is to educate our clients and the community about pain. Pain is not bad. Pain is an integral part of us and through greater understanding of how we form and perceive pain, we are able to control it."

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