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"Much of our suffering comes from a lack of nurturing and life-giving connection -- with ourselves, others, and the natural world. When we take time to examine these relationships with the self and the rest of the world, we can find ample opportunities to create new ways of living and making meaning within our lives. Engaging in this process of active contemplation and purposeful change is what therapy is about.

I work from a client-centered and integrative foundation. This means that I consider your unique needs, experiences, and situations when developing my approach to helping you find healing and satisfaction in therapy. With all of my clients I work from a place of deep empathy, understanding, intuition, and humor combined with an extensive array of therapeutic tools to offer you a relevant and productive environment for personal growth and positive change.

My primary purpose as a therapist is to offer you support and collaborative guidance. Our relationship will provide you with a safe space to explore changes within yourself and practice new ways of connecting with others and the world. I will help you to identify clear and attainable goals for therapy, and we will work together to create empowerment, transformation, and sustainable wellbeing within your life."

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