Learning Disability Assessment

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Whole Child Collective offers child psychological evaluations and assessment services to identify children and teens learning disorders that interfere in learning. ADHD Assessments in Oregon.
Quoted From: https://thewholechildcollective.com/our-services-therapies/psychoeducational-evaluations-for-children-teens/

"School can be challenging for children and teens for many reasons. Parents often seek out evaluations for insight to help reduce frustration and help their child/teen learn tools to succeed. Students may struggle with the pace of learning, sustaining attention/focus, peer relationships, executive functioning, or certain subjects. Many of these difficulties remain undiagnosed and untreated, which can lead to problems that persist. Seeking an evaluation at the first signs of difficulty helps your child to receive proper accommodations, instills confidence, and connects your child/teen with the right type of help (i.e., forms of therapy, specialized tutors, executive functioning tools, and/or help with language-based learning) without searching for the right support on your own.

Your child or teen does not come with an instruction manual! Let us help by identifying strengths and weaknesses, proper treatment recommendations, and connecting you with the right person on our team or outside of our clinic.

Our psychoeducational evaluations help children and teens who are not achieving their goals. Psychological assessment (testing) can provide insight into why your child may be not reaching his or her potential. We offer evaluations that help identify learning disabilities related to reading, writing and math, Dyslexia, ADHD & social-emotional behavior that can impact learning and academic achievement."

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