Learning to Love Your Body by Letting Go of Body Shame

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Quoted From: https://sexualabusetherapies.com/trauma-groups-for-women

"This once-monthly group is designed for women struggling with loving their bodies and feeling like they're "enough" in a world outwardly focused on perfectionism and beauty. Most women struggle with body image, shame and embarrassment about how they present themselves to the world. As women, from a very early age, we become anxious and troubled by how others perceive us as physical beings and productive members of our culture. We grow up being judged and prioritized based on our looks, our weight and how we physically fit into the constraints of our male dominated world. This group explores these attitudes and struggles and is designed to promote self-acceptance and empowerment in a body-positive way. Group participation requires an initial consult and the group meets on one Sunday a month from 10:00am 1:00pm."

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