Let's Be HonestRelationships Can Be Difficult

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"Do you have a difficult relationship in your life? It could be a partner, a friend, a parent, even an employer. Does talking with this person leave you feeling depressed, angry or frustrated?
Therapy can help enormously when dealing with these types of relationships. Together, we can figure out how to handle these relationships so that they don"t leave you triggered and anxious. We"ll focus on how you can best take care of yourself. Quite often, once you"ve learned these skills, your depression or frustration will improve.
You aren"t alone.
Many of my clients are seek help because of a difficult relationship in their life. Therapy helps them get to a place where these relationships feel less powerful and less upsetting than they have in the past. Generally, this means that we focus on the things you can control in your life. How can you approach this person differently? What changes can you make in your own life? This way of thinking can be enormously empowering."

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