Life Transitions: Old age and happiness

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Elaine Korngold at, in Oregon, offers individual therapy to older adults helping them live a more meaningful life.
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"Jane E. Brody, a science writer for the New York Times, recently turned 80 and wrote her reflections on the old age. She describes the secret of a happy and vibrant old age: "Strive to do what you love for as long as you can do it. If the vicissitudes of life or infirmities of age preclude a preferred activity, modify it or substitute another. I can no longer safely skate, ski or play tennis, but I can still bike, hike and swim. I consider daily physical activity to be as important as eating and sleeping. I accept no excuses."

"The cohort of Americans who have lived for eight or more decades is rising steadily and projected to grow faster than the cohort of youngsters under 18 for at least the next 40 years. In fact, as more of us in the late decades of life continue to thrive, morbidity and mortality were rising among middle-aged men and women even before the pandemic. The average newborn today is not expected to make it to 80, thanks largely to poor diet and exercise and rising obesity."

Sedentary Lifestyle Recipe for Chronic Disease and Decline
"Without regular exercise, you can expect to experience a loss of muscle strength and endurance, coordination and balance, flexibility and mobility, bone strength and cardiovascular and respiratory function. In other words, a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for chronic disease and decline."

Motivation, Attitude, and Perspective Matter
"But exercise and nutrition are not enough. Studies suggest that motivation, attitude and perspective are equally important to a long, healthy and fulfilling life."

"My advice to students: Try to combine your passion with your talent and you"ll have the best shot at a rich and rewarding career. I also recommend choosing a supportive life partner who"s willing to share the mundane tasks of daily life and step up for extra duty when needed.""

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