Love Is A Constant Process Of Tuning In

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"There are many reasons to seek relationship therapy. When you are committed to a relationship that is not going well you may feel isolated, scared, and hurt. People in relationships often seek therapy together as a last attempt to make it work. As relationship therapists, however, we are focused on supporting you and your partner to build a stronger bond that allows you to turn toward one another rather than pulling away. We are continuously training in the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) model.
EFT has an astounding 70 75% success rate and results have been shown to last, even in the face of significant stress. EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association as empirically proven. Additionally, EFT relationship therapy is considered an intervention to address individual depression and anxiety.
Emotionally Focused Therapy: Focuses on Attachment and Emotions
We understand relationship conflicts and disconnection as co-created and maintained based on reactions to unmet attachment needs and longings.
We help the partners see the natural relationship between their attachment needs and reactive behaviors
When the partners can see the negative cycle as the enemy instead of each other, they are able to pause the cycle and reduce their negative interactions
We help partners access, deepen and expand their emotions and share their attachment longings. As safety increases, we guide the partners to be more vulnerable and assertive with each other and have new accessible, responsive and emotionally attuned bonding conversations"

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