Lymphatic Drainage For Whiplash

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"After a car accident whiplash can be not only painful but potentially cause long-term problems. It is important to find the best treatment for whiplash. One tool for helping ease pain and heal injuries is manual lymphatic drainage. MLD is essentially painless and can be used as a treatment for whiplash.
What is Whiplash?
According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury caused by rapid and forceful back and forth movement of the neck. It is typically caused by car accidents but can also come from sports accidents, physical abuse, or falls. It can also be classified as a neck strain.
How Long Does Whiplash Last?
Whiplash can last a few weeks using treatment and exercise. Some people have long-term complications and chronic neck pain.
Symptoms of Whiplash
Neck Stiffness, Pain & Swelling
Loss of Range of Motion in the Neck
Tingling or Numbness in Arms
Worsening Pain with Neck Movement
Headaches at the Base of the Skill
Blurred Vision
Memory Problems
Tinnitus (Ear ringing)
Concentration issues
Disturbed Sleep
What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Whiplash Injury?
It is a gentle, rhythmic hands-on technique that moves fluid through the body. There are tiny lymph vessels under your skin. Using light "pumping" techniques a therapist can move your lymph through them, which carries away inflammation and brings down swelling. This promotes healing, causes blood flow, and helps overall immune function.
How Does it Work as a Treatment for Whiplash?
After an accident, your body will be inflamed. You will have swelling and inflammation around anywhere that is injured and maybe even bruising. Manual lymphatic drainage moves inflammation out, allowing swelling to go down. This helps with range of motion and eases pain. Generally, healing is accelerated as well. Increased blood flow can help clear bruising and increase circulation. Lymphatic massages also regulate your nervous system and can be really relaxing. Car accidents can be traumatic, so it is important to address your physical and mental needs after.
Pain relief
Accelerated healing
Increased circulation and blood flow
Decrease swelling
Decrease the time in the acute phase, allowing for more direct treatment sooner.
Nervous system regulation (Getting you out of fight or flight)"

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