Meditation, Movement, Discussion

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Open weekly meditation groups that are available for drop-in online or in-person.
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"Reach out and connect for an evening of meditation and connection. How will we connect? We know how to do this. For centuries groups of people have banded together and supported each other through wars, famines and epidemics. Today"s situation is unique and seemingly overwhelming, but we know how to work with feelings and thoughts. We know how to build a circle of empathy. We know how to still the mind. All cultures have developed skills and rituals to summon the interior forces to face the challenges we all face as fragile human beings. Each one of us contributes to this ancient resilience and wisdom. Let"s begin.
This is an invitation to fill your electronic screen with faces and smiles and listen to how your friends are coping with our current challenges. We will be creating a group mindfulness session, including quiet sitting, guided meditation, mindful movement and time for discussion and questions.
Please be compassionate with yourself and your friends. Use this virtual tool to stay connected while we are seemingly separated one from another."

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