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Our treatments contain materials that won't adversely react with your body's chemistry. Discover how our holistic services can benefit your dental health.
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"Some holistic dentists don"t believe in using metal for any dental restoration, including metal onlays, crowns, and bridges (most onlays and crowns used today are gold or other metal alloys). Today, the most prevalent material used in metalfree dentistry is based on the same composite material that"s used for fillings, but reinforced with interspersed translucent fibers. When these fibers have been added to a composite, it can be as strong as the traditional porcelain-to-metal crown (described later in the chapter), and has the added advantage of being an excellent replacement for metal crowns and onlays. Many metal-free dentists believe that any metal dental restoration, aside from being a possible allergen, will interfere with the normal flow of energy along the body"s meridians. This belief is based on an eastern philosophy of healing that says that every organ and every part of the body is directly linked to a specific tooth via meridians, or energy highways. Not everyone will exhibit a health problem directly related to having metals in their teeth, but those who are very sensitive, or whose health has been severely compromised, will be more susceptible. At the date of publication, metal-free dentistry is still relatively new and the life expectancy of metal-free onlays, crowns, and bridges is still unknown. However, one of the positive aspects of this approach to restoring teeth is that the restorations can be easily repaired."

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